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F1 Consulting & Services: The Company

Cinzia Cartuccia: The IT Expert with over 20 years of experience in large corporations and diversified sectors.

Cinzia Cartuccia boasts a career of over 20 years in the field of IT, with significant experiences in prestigious groups such as Montedison and Pirelli, holding key roles including CIO, in the real estate, financial, telecommunications, and fashion sectors.

In 2010, Cinzia Cartuccia embraced a new challenge by entering the world of F1, where she took on the role of CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Her arrival brought a significant wave of innovation and expertise in the field of ERPs, with a particular focus on SAP R2, R/3, and Microsoft; furthermore, she honed her skills in the Reporting sector, delving into the organizational aspects often associated with the introduction of ERP systems within companies.

F1 Consulting & Service: The Company-Specializations:

Customer-Oriented Approach: F1’s approach is heavily centered on the customer. The main challenge is to identify the most suitable tools to help each client achieve measurable results, both in terms of innovation and operational excellence. Cinzia Cartuccia stands out as a prominent figure in the IT field, with a wealth of experiences spanning large corporate entities and diversified sectors.


Today, F1 positions itself as a reliable partner for consulting and implementing advanced ERP solutions, always with a keen eye on tangible and measurable results for clients.

F1 Consulting & Services is born as SAP Company
The ICT Professional research BU is born
The Microsoft BU is born
F1 begins to provide CRM & Analytics services
The Augmented & Virtual Reality BU is born

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