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Important company specializing in the processing of aluminum for the construction of doors and windows

The customer required an integration between their design system and SAP

The need was to integrate the technical design platform with which the projects are carried out directly with SAP in order to make the two systems communicate and automate the order of the various components.

F1, using the sap ECTR module, has implemented the requested solution allowing to pass the data automatically on SAP which automatically identifies the single pieces, realizing the order.

This automation has made it possible to avoid manual entry, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the process

Challenge: process automation

Solution: SAP ECTR

Publishing house

Important publisher specializing in the legal sector

An important publishing house verticalized in solutions for law firms and accountants

The request was, starting from the ODOO CRM module, to create a management system for their customers.

To meet the customer’s need, F1 has created a customization of the existing open source software in JAVA that can be resold to customers, increasing its usability and maintaining important product characteristics.

Challenge: custom product creation

Solution: ODOO crm module


Leading leather – fashion company

The company had two main lines of pret a porter and sporswear that were managed through different management systems, creating management and compliance problems between the two systems and causing the company to lose competitiveness and the possibility of attracting investment from foreign markets, particularly Asia.

At the end of an analysis phase to meet the customer’s need, SAP – Fashion AFS was chosen as the solution that enabled the unification of the two divisions by pushing IT as a business lever and achieving significant savings on the structure and greater process efficiency.

Challenge: reorganization of business systems

Solution: SAP AFS


Important portal for loans between individuals.

Well-known financing platform that connects the supply of liquidity provision and demand by creating an important intermediation.

The client’s need was to enable potential customers to make the end-to-end loan application by eliminating intermediate steps such as calling the operator following the completion of the form.

This would have allowed for a decrease in drops in finalizing requests and an increase in efficiency in contact management since, prior to f1’s intervention, everything was handled by hand.

f1’s response was to build a complete and seamless workflow for both the user and the company enabling the implementation of a more seamless and fully digital management of requests.

Challenges: end-to-end funding request

Adopted solution: workflow


Well-known fashion industry company in northeastern Italy pioneer in the history of sports and casual wear.

The ‘company following acquisition by a Chinese fund transfers its registered office to Switzerland, it is therefore necessary to spin off part of the company from the rest of the group.

The request from the client was to complete the operation in 3 months in order to be in time to receive and register buyers’ orders at upcoming fashion shows.

Most of the suppliers consulted had already rejected the proposal given the tight timelines.

F1 met the client’s need by building the required management system using JD Edwards from oracle through its verticalization for fashion.

Challenges: timing, + countries involved,

Adopted solution: JD Edwards


Being the contact center of an important operator in the finance sector, there was a need for an advanced tool to improve back office operations and manage contact channels on the various channels so that customer information was centralized in a single tool and were easily accessible to all dedicated personnel.

The F1 solution was the implementation of an efficient CRM system – Microsoft DYNAMICS – which allowed an important level of automation of the procedures and a consequent streamlining of the channels involved

Challenge: centralization of information

Solution: MS Dynamics –crm

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