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F1 Consulting & Services offers the best software solutions that meet your company’s architecture and efficiency needs. The skills and experience of our ERP consultants ensure maximum IT system performance at the lowest possible cost, guaranteeing and protecting the security of your data. The solutions we offer are highly customizable and specific to each market sector. The ability to package ad hoc systems enables us to meet the needs of any company, from small businesses to complex multinational organizations.

The solutions we propose are suitable for:

    • Automotive
    • Distribution
    • Banking and insurance
    • Engineering, construction and operations
    • Industrial machinery, components
    • Media
    • Fashion and entertainment
    • Production of consumer products
    • Sales and marketing
    • Chemical/pharmaceutical field
    • Manufacturing Scope

We operate with:

  • SAP
  • Oracle JD Edwards
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Odoo


F1 Consulting & Services supports you in adopting the most suitable CRM solution for your business reality, taking care of its complete implementation. Improving customer management and increasing profits is no longer enough. CRM must anticipate customer needs and predict their changes, so you can align your production and marketing strategies with customer needs. This requires careful selection of the CRM platform. We are here to give you support before, during and after the choice phase.

Our team offers advice after a careful assessment of the market you operate in and your real needs, implementing solutions to give value to your brand.

Only then can management by Communications, Marketing, IT and Sales be called truly integrated for:

  • acquire new customers (inbound)
  • Analyze and enhance the value of leads collected online/offline
  • Retaining acquired customers (retention)
  • customer care (customer care)

We operate and train staff on platforms:

  • SAP S/4 HANA
  • SAP C/4 HANA
  • Oracle Siebel CRM
  • Microsoft CRM
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F1 Consulting & Services accompanies you during Product Lifecycle Management projects, providing concrete support for your business development through data analysis.

Design, production, marketing, logistics, merchandising, distribution, management-these are some of the activities that must interface in the transition from “virtual” to “real” of a product. To do so, these must speak a common language and channel data to a single platform that can effectively analyze and distribute reports and data analytics. We support you in facilitating team collaboration and sharing up-to-date data in real time to reduce overall Time to Market through our cloud and SaaS solutions.

Power BI

F1 Consulting & Services turns your demand for continuous and timely data analysis into reality with refresher and training courses on Microsoft Power BI. Business Intelligence has never been easier; Microsoft Power BI allows you to hold the reins of your business, aiding in decision-making by displaying detailed, interactive reports. Different members of your teams will be able to identify new business models and share ideas and solutions even more effectively.

When it comes to cyber security, Power BI enables you to maintain full control over corporate data when it is shared by adjusting how it is accessed, even from mobile devices. The use of Power BI positively affects business adaptability and growth opportunities, with an immediate return on investment and training costs.

Cloud & Platforms

One of F1 Consulting & Services’ strengths is its cloud solutions. We are developers and trainers for the Microsoft Azure, Oracle, SAP, RedHat world. We support your company in selecting the right PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS services for your needs and point you to the best development strategies for moving to hybrid-cloud and multicloud.
For Industry 4.0 we perform consulting and development for PaaS platforms for IoT.

Thanks to a specialized SAP Business Unit, we are at your side in the development of complex projects, their evolution and the upgrading phases of SAP platforms and services. We can train your employees and enhance the technical skills of your IT staff. In particular, for the SAP world, we develop ERP solutions:

  • SAP S/4HANA on premise
  • SAP S/4HANA on cloud
  • SAP PLM Product Lifecycle Management
  • MS Dyn 365 BC
Data Analysts - F1

Big Data Analysis

F1 Consulting & Services supports you in the delicate phase of data analysis, helping you understand and leverage the potential of the collected results from a predictive perspective. We aspire to reduce production waste, build a connection with your customers, improve the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and Custumer Experience. In order to correctly represent the reality of a company in the industrial, financial and commercial fields, proper data analysis by skillfully using verification and control processes is essential.

We operate on SAP HANA and Microsoft Azure platforms.
We also carry out:

  • Descriptive Analytics - measuring performance levels
  • Predictive Analytics - scenario design
  • Prescriptive Analytics - design of decision-making processes.
  • Automated Analytics - design of automation

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