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Welcome to the Consulting Section of F1 Consulting & Services: we offer high-level professional consulting services to support your business. Our solutions are flexible, available on a “time & material” basis, as well as on a goal-oriented service model, tailored to the specific needs of companies.

Thanks to our focus on Innovation, our solutions are up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring tangible and up-to-date results. This helps our clients implement digital solutions and automated processes to successfully tackle the challenges of the global market.

Our consultants?

Experienced professionals in the ICT sector, deeply understanding your business requirements and aligning them with corporate objectives. They work alongside clients in defining winning strategies and optimizing human resources and workflow management.

F1 Consulting & Services helps you identify new business strategies and models to compete in your industry both nationally and internationally.

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F1 Consulting & Services helps you identify new business strategies and models to compete in your industry both nationally and internationally.

To meet the challenge posed by Digital Transformation, an improvement in the quality of relationships with customers (B2C, B2B) is crucial. The development of processes, products, and services mobilizes new and current technological and economic challenges. The continuous demand for cost reduction, in the face of increased profitability and margins, calls for radical changes within corporate structures and management. Our team also offers support in the delicate phases of Organization and Change Management.

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F1 Consulting & Services supports you in streamlining IT department costs by recommending the best programs on the market and developing tailored solutions.

Our industry knowledge enables us to guide you in optimizing IT processes, promoting the evolution of your business towards innovative models. Our consultants define new methodologies for development, collaboration, data sharing, and analysis to reduce costs and reallocate human resources to high-growth sectors. These sectors require particularly rapid IT service delivery times.

The understanding of the innovation dynamics we have developed allows us to provide complete support for on-premise and cloud infrastructures, development platforms, and applications.

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Industry 4.0

F1 Consulting & Services is ready to support you in the Digital Transformation required by the new industrial revolution: the transition to Industry 4.0.

 Automation of work, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and distributed connected systems are some of the technologies present in the Italian and international market, true enabling factors for change. 

Our team accompanies you in staff training activities and in the selection of software solutions and IT systems to develop advanced production processes. 

The installation of the latest software for data monitoring, automation, and analysis requires careful investments in staff training. We guide you through this delicate decision-making phase.



t&m formula

In the T&M formula, our consultantsare proposed based on a precise job description shared with the Client where technological skills but also soft-skills and business objectives of the project are specified.

Service-based formula

In the service-based formula, we assist the client from the initial concept, to the design, implementation and management of the solution

Our teams consist of:



Data Analysts

Data Engineers


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Business Analysts

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