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F1 Consulting & Services: The Philosofy

How do we work? 

F1 Consulting & Services: The philosophy is based on our clients! Our clients turn to us to
receive the best IT consulting and to together build efficient and optimized

Following an assessment phase, where we evaluate the client’s goal and ambitions, we find the best consultant to build the project’s governance, followed by a feasibility study and the formation of a tailored team with internal or external members depending on the requirements. After completing the assessment phase, we choose the experienced consultant who will be the point of reference and connection between us and our client, guiding the project from start to finish. What is important to us is the synergy between internal and external skills tha ensure a comprehensive approach to the project.


The flexible nature and broad scope of our company give us the ability to tackle a wide range of business situations
with agility and skill, regardless of their complexity. Our versatile and
holistic approach allows us to adapt to different challenges and contexts,
enabling us to smoothly navigate through any type of situation.

Each project entrusted to us represents a new scenario to explore, and the initial
evaluation process is crucial. For us, every project is an opportunity to put
our dedication to quality and innovation into practice!

Customization is one of the pillars on which our business is built. We develop
“tailor-made” solutions, built around the unique requirements of each
client. This artisanal approach ensures that every solution is in sync with the
specific challenges and goals of the involved company.


Ultimately, F1 is much more than just an IT service provider and consultant; we are
partners to our clients, navigating together through the complex waters of the
digitalization, IT, and high-tech world, combining expertise, flexibility, and
dedication to customization.

F1 Consulting & Services: La Filosofia

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