Moving to the Cloud in 2021: 4 benefits for your business

The research firm IDC predicted that, By the end of 2021, 80 percent of enterprises will put in place cloud migration twice as fast as before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, there is a need to accelerate the transition to a cloud-centric IT model to make the organization more digitally resilient and offer the ability to respond quickly to unplanned business disruptions.

But what exactly do we mean by the term cloud computing?

What does cloud computing mean?

Cloud computing stores programs and data on the Internet instead of on your computer or hard drive. You need an Internet connection to access the data you need. For example, whenever you access Google Drive or listen to some songs on Spotify, you are using cloud services. Cloud computing is a potentially unlimited space where data can be stored.

Basically, cloud computing is about moving your company’s essential systems and resources to a remote server. Does this sound risky? In fact, a cloud-based backup and storage solution is essential in many ways, which we will now look at.

The four main benefits of cloud computing

1. Flexibility

The cloud is an incredibly flexible tool. Thanks to the cloud, your company will not need additional hardware or other solutions to handle large volumes of data. In addition to a reduction in costs, this also results in a increased efficiency of employees, who will be able to access resources more easily, collaborate with each other more easily and work whenever they prefer.

2. Security

Cloud service providers provide very high levels of security and ensure data integrity through substantial IT investments. In addition, backing up data offsite reduces the possibility of hackers or viruses threatening data security.

Finally, keep in mind that if a server is down, you will still be able to access your data since another server will take its place . You will always be able to access the data you need.

3. Affordability

Cloud computing provides scalable processing power, minimizing IT requirements. In fact, the cloud is a pay-as-you-need service, so you pay only for those features that your business actually needs.

In addition, investment in physical equipment, utilities and maintenance will no longer be necessary; operational costs will be minimized.

4. Accessibility

Another important benefit of moving to the cloud is the ability to Easily access data, even from mobile. Ciò makes it possible to empower employees to work in Smart Working or while on the road, increasing their productivity and satisfaction. Sure, because the frustration and wasted time due to not being able to retrieve data needed to complete a task are now a distant memory.

Choose F1 consulting

Cloud-based services can be deployed within hours or a few days, rather than the weeks or months it takes to strategically plan, purchase, build, and deploy an in-house IT infrastructure. This is possible by relying on an experienced cloud migration consultant. Contact F1 Consulting & Services to learn more about the possibilities that a cloud migration can provide your company.

What is System Integration?

System Integration is essential for both business-to-business communication and internal cooperation within a company. But

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