Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

ARWIRE stands for virtual reality and augmented reality applied to business. The goal is to make complex products usable through an application that simplifies some important steps in the sales and ‘customer service journey.

Interactive catalog

Ditch the mundane catalogs and allow your customers a 360-degree experience of your products. An augmented reality catalog offers the ability to take your products anywhere, to your smartphone or tablet, increasing the value and effectiveness of each and every demonstration.

xr training

Training becomes experience. XR training is the innovative system for training employees through interactive machinery in a fully explorable six-degree-of-freedom environment. Learning is facilitated through identification with the real thing, but without any risk to the operator.

smart assistance

Assistance like never before. An intelligent manual that can digitally reproduce all procedures by guiding the user step by step, providing guidance through messages that appear as an overlay on a machine framed with the photocame.

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