The global pandemic situation we are experiencing is severely affecting not only people’s health and lives but also businesses: the push toward digital transformation has become as strong as never before .

In this article we talked in detail about what digital transformation is, that is, the process of operational and cultural change in an organization based on technological advances and innovations, and how in recent years it has been the nail in the coffin of thousands of entrepreneurs. Digital transformation is experiencing a strong impetus for acceleration, mainly given the need to use technology to comply with healthcare protocols and contingent access to facilities.

Digital transformation in the COVID-19 economy is vital for organizations in numerous areas, not only to stay afloat and hope the virus will disappear soon, but to ride the benefits of innovation, improving the customer experience and leading to new business opportunities.

Let’s look at how COVID is leading some realities to resort to Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation and smart working

Because of COVID, private and public organizations were urged to promote smart working, and the March lockdown imposed an obligation to equip themselves accordingly in order to continue working.

It is not only about equipping employees with company laptops, but also about digital tools and platforms that enable them to work well and efficiently. Virtual desktops, video conferencing, cloud spaces, instant messaging; these are some of the ways to enable employees to stay connected with each other and with customers, through the document sharing and the ability to Receive real-time updates and information.

Security and data protection are also topics that should not be underestimated: with thousands of people working from home, corporatecybersecurity could be at risk, especially in the event that home networks are used.

Products in the data loss prevention category grew 1.1 percent in the second quarter of 2020, bringing the category a 2.2 percent share of total revenues related to digital transformation.

With the right combination of software and tools, companies can even improve productivity without the need for the workforce to travel to the office. In addition, recent studies show how working from home allows you to better organize your home routine with your work life, decreasing stress and increasing productivity.

Digital transformation and Asset Procurement

The increase in online shopping is not surprising at all; what is curious, however, is how online shopping has continued to increase even as stores have begun to reopen. Companies such as Amazon and Chinese giant Alibaba are becoming stronger and stronger, rapidly devouring market shares.

Companies are therefore forced to reevaluate their digital offerings to meet consumer needs and be more resilient to potential new blockages and less vulnerable to travel restrictions.

In addition, companies are incentivized to invest in automation and downsize production to avoid bottlenecks due to the inability to source intermediate goods.

Why do consulting with F1 Consulting & Services

The pandemic has pushed companies to a tipping point where embracing technology is no longer an option but a necessity . It has also made workers more vulnerable. With the right support, which our team can provide, your business can emerge successful from the most abrupt innovation challenge you have ever had to face.

The F1 Consulting & Services team can guide you in defining and implementing technology solutionsthatconnect employees, machines, customers and businesses, such as, for example, the right CRM for your reality. We are developers and trainers for the Microsoft Azure, Oracle, SAP, and RedHat worlds and can help you define an efficient IT architecture, facilitating the evolution of your business toward innovative models.

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